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Join the LA Tenants Union!

Why do we collect dues?

As a movement L.A. Tenants Union has basic costs related to printing, banner making, internet fees, meeting space rentals and, in the future, union member support in rent strikes and non-violent direct action. To pay for all of this, members contribute monthly dues. For unemployed members, that amount is just $1 per month ($12 per year). Employed members pay monthly dues of $5 per month ($60 per year). Members are encouraged to pay as much as they can.

Who can become a member?

L.A. Tenants Union defines a tenant as anyone who does not own or control their housing situation. A tenant includes rent-paying individuals, individuals who depend upon family members for housing, Section 8 tenants, public housing tenants, tenants of senior housing, students in dormitory housing, incarcerated individuals, and individuals without indoor housing. L.A. Tenants Union welcomes homeowners as non-voting members.

Want to make a one-time donation?

Members can also pay annually or make one-time donations! Click here to donate.

Who's donating

Rene Moya
Hannah Chodos
Adam Timm
mark masaoka
Justin Scott
Mandy Sherman
Justin Maurer
Justin Gaar
kyle gregory
Kendall Darfler
Thomas McGrath
Scott Reed
Adriana Rincon
Tyler Wilson
Claire Lobenfeld
Ilana Feingold
Robert Coombs
Natalie Robehmed
Harry Gibbons
Zoe Nefouse
Max Williams
Steven Hutchinson
Lee Flannery
Joseph Thomas
Jack Meyerhoff
Jose  Antonio Oropeza
Jesus Hermosillo
Stas Shectman
Karina Cardenas